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This video is about how to make a Sales Strategy, Execute and Sell

Sales strategy

Now you have done your BI and you have done your marketing strategy.

Then what is left?

If you have a super marketing set-up then you hardly have to do any selling. All you have to do is sit back, let the clients come to you based upon your marketing and all you have to do is to sit back and close..no?

Ideally, this is obviously where you should be ultimately and this is what you should strive towards. However, you may not be there yet and you have to do actual selling which is often tough.

So I would recommend that you start by analyzing your current customer group based upon:

Firstly, who are your cash cows – if you have any – make sure they are happy and that you do not loose them or at least know why if so. Moreover, if you can increase your business here then it is probably a low hanging fruit.

Secondly, who are high maintenance, low revenue clients – if you have any – consider if you really want to continue putting a lot of effort into these. Imagine all that surplus energy you get for other clients if you got rid of these high maintenance low revenue clients?

Lastly, who are potential new stars and cash cows out there? Often you will probably have some ideas of who they are but you have not made a plan how to reach out to them.  Moreover, this could be tough classic sales tasks employing a mix of using you network, cold calling, Linkedin. You need to start this process somewhere and find out. It is a learning process.

Remember for every client you speak to the better you get learning about you product, clients and how sell it.

If you want me to help you with this give me a call your shoot me an email!